Basic Jewellery Care


Every piece of jewellery will require a different level of care. Storing of jewellery should be done carefully and separately in their individual pouches or boxes to prevent scratches or damaging and ensuring that the item remains in good condition. Cleaning jewellery can present with certain challenges as different items will require different guidelines. The best option would be to buy our jewellery cleaner for silver and gold or for pearls as well as our jewellery cloth and to follow their special instructions.

Basic Do’s and Don’ts

  • It is not recommended to sleep with jewellery

  • It is not recommended to swim, bath or shower with jewellery

  • Do not expose jewellery to any harsh chemicals

  • Do not expose jewellery to perfume or body and hand creams

  • Handle jewellery with care, although it is a metal and perceived to be strong many precious metals are in actual fact soft and can bend or break quite easily.

  • Store jewellery in the correct manner

  • Clean jewellery as recommended per the specific item

  • Please keep in mind that jewellery can tarnish if it comes into contact with moisture, acids, oils and air that react with the metal in the jewellery


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